Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Well Fitted Up

If i'm going to be cycling long, I need to be comfortable and efficient. Enter Retül. A bike fitting concept that maps your motion in 3D, so that set ups that could cause injury are removed and you are put in a desirable position according to your flexibility and training/race goals.

I have always been comfortable on the Tri Bike and thankfully this needed only small adjustment in saddle height and stem length to put me slightly less cramped position. The bike comes with 3 different stems, so hey presto, solved.

On the road bike however, the source of recent pain, I was found to be way to far in the back seat. To rectify this, my position was made more aggressive (and strangely more comfortable) by moving the saddle up and forward but this meant I needed a much longer stem. This also put my knee further forward than the most forward point of my foot, whereas before it was behind.

£280 later + a stem and I was ready to put the new set up's to the test.

I have done about a hundred miles on both bikes and so far no niggles!

Now i'm sure there is a way I can spend similarly ridiculous amount of money on the swim and run!

Pain in the arse

The time has come to make a few adjustments (particularly on the bike), to make sure as I start to increase training volume, I am not increasing the risk of chronic injury.

1st up, I have been experiencing discomfort of the 'i cant feel anything down there' variety. When stretched out on the Tri bars for two and a half hours mans best friend gets a little squashed and without an adequate blood flow disappears, at least in feeling.

Enter the ISM Tri specific saddle.

Granted, it's no looker. The lack of a 'nose' and the 'cut out' middle, does serve the purpose of letting the blood flow and several hundred miles later, the results have 'felt' better.