Wednesday, 1 May 2013

7Oaks Sprint Triathlon - 2013

28th April 2013 - Race report

I hadn't really planned on doing a sprint in my run up to Ironman but as it turned out, the little speed work I did in the last few weeks before the race and then the race itself served as a pretty good distraction from the 'long slow' endurance training as well as being a good measure of current sprint fitness.

The main driver, was to get my, up to now 'non-triathlete' friend Stu involved in the sport and booking two places in the 7Oaks sprint (with it's 400m pool swim and then longer 15mile bike and 5.2 mile run) seemed to fit the bill.

Stu was clearly not well the night before (sinus problems) but rolled up on Sunday for an 8:00 start. He had an uncomfortable swim and was dizzy going into T1, he held it together on the bike and despite losing his racking position he looked pretty calm heading out onto the run. Looking at the race pics, I would say it's clear he was taking it FAR too easy. All things considered a good debut! (Pic. Family K look pretty proud).

I've raced this Tri twice before, 2008 - 1 hour 47 mins (mountain bike) and 2009 1 hour 38 mins (road bike). So with another 4 years training and a better bike, I was hoping for some gains in both time and position.

Unlike last April, where the bike section was cancelled due to poor weather, making the race an aquathlon, this year was warm, sunny, dry and there wasn't a great deal of wind. No excuses!

Swim 6:26

I felt a bit lethargic cycling up to town from home before the race and didn't really get into race mode until midway through the swim. My mat time was slightly quicker than last time for a lot less effort.

T1 0:57

Seeing Family W on the exit from the pool gave me a much needed kick up the bum and the transition went pretty smoothly.

Bike 44:44

I was a bit sloppy getting my feet in my shoes and had one hold up at a junction but other than that the ride went well. I felt strong enough and kept the average speed up. The bike performed well and was as comfortable as it could have been over the 'bumps'. In hindsight, i'm not sure the road bike would have been a much slower.

T2 1:21
T2 was a bit too slow (I managed 42 secs on my 1st Tri). However my off road inov8's need socks and I didn't fancy using 'elastic laces'. I had a real problem getting the gravel off the soles of my feet.

Run 36:27

I got another boost from Family's W and K (Stu was finished and showered by now - if only there was a prize for this discipline!) and headed out to Knole park. I was happy with my mile splits, having ran the course the previous week and was able to keep the pace at 7:05. For the first time, I felt the effects of the warm day, no doubt this has come from a winters training. I deliberately held back on the valley run to the final climb so that I didn't look like a slobbering wreck come the finishing chute - failed!


1:29:56 (PB)
13th overall (334 athletes)
5th in Age Group


High 5 carb drink before swim and on bike
Gel before swim and after bike

Good points

Strong bike/run
Average heart rates low (bike 77%max run 78%max) possibly capable of more effort then?
Not 'chicked' or overtaken (just)
No aches or pains during or after the race
Have a new Tri Buddy!

Bad points

Run form goes with hard effort
Slow transitions
Average swim
Need to train in heat more

Now back to the long slow stuff........