Wednesday, 3 July 2013

FT London Cyclo Sportive - 30th June 2013

This 100 mile sportive would serve well as a 5 1/2 hour effort where I could simulate a few aspects of the ironman bike leg, that being, endurance, fueling and climate (it was 20 degrees plus all day).

The ride was great on the whole, mostly a solo ride (i started in an early wave) through rural Surrey. There were a few hills (seemed a lot easier than the Kentish Killer) with Box hill being the most picturesque, albeit a bit touristy.

The last 10 miles into London were a bit of a commute, playing games with traffic and traffic lights in Croydon town centre and weaving around gridlock near Crystal Palace. The 'victory' lap around Herne Hill Velodrome marked the finish and was a bit of an anti-climax, maybe a few laps with a chance to generate some track speed may have been a better finale to the sportive.

I felt strong enough to run off the bike and only suffered a little of the usual lower back/bum pain that the road bike dishes out.

I finished 25th out of 714 which is top 4%  with an average speed of 19 mph for the 103 miles (1762m elevation gain).

The fueling worked well, only 2x 750ml bottles of drink  and no 'natural' pit stops were required. Although I need to try adding a 3rd bottle to hydrate fully for the run.

Strava file for the ride.