Tuesday, 28 January 2014

2014 season training commences

My 2014 season’s Training officially starts ….TODAY….

I’ve planned 12 weeks* of base training, 8 weeks of build training, 2 weeks of peak/taper and then the race week itself.

*Each week is 8 days, inline with my shifts 2days, 2nights, 4off

This season, I have signed up for an early 70 mile cycle sportive in March, one half ironman - the ‘Marshman’ in Lyd, Kent in May and one Iron Distance race - the ‘Outlaw’ in Nottingham at the end of July.

In total, there is about 350 hours of training over the 23 week period. My longest rides will be 100 miles, my longest run will be 20 miles and my swim will never go over the IM distance of 2.4 miles.  It sounds a lot when it’s put in those stark terms but the volume of training is only a 15% increase on last season. The main difference this year is that I am keeping a check on my fitness & fatigue levels and better matching training efforts and paces to those required for optimal improvement.

Here is the breakdown for Base 1 week 1

Swim (pool): 1 hour
Bike Commute: 4 hours
Bike Intervals: 45 mins (turbo)
Bike Long: 2 hours
Run Intervals: 50 mins
Run Long: 1:50 hours
Run Brick: 15 mins
Gym: 3:30 hours

Total: 14:15hours

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Training Periodisation (Prep)

I'm currently in what's known as the preparation period, this is the time between transitioning from last seasons racing and next seasons base Period.

It's easy to slip into the 'training for training a sake' trap, so I've really tried to establish some structure into my training such that a routine is firmly established going into the base period. The preparation period also gives me a chance to try some new techniques as well as redefining some of the training sessions that proved to be of value last year.

For the 2014 season, I've looked at last years annual effort and increased the yearly hours from 600 to 700. From this I can calculate the weekly (in my case 8 day) training duration for each week of each training period, preparation, base, build, peak and race.

The preparation period lasts for 4 weeks and are 12, 12, 12 and 10 hours in duration.

Each week breaks down as follows:

Swim: 1 hour 3km pool drills with a paced main set over 50m/100m/200m repeats
The 4th week is a pure IM 3.8K swim at a set 50m pace (currently 50s)

Commute, at above IM effort to/from work, usually 35-40 miles combined distance, the hills serve as short intervals
Long ride, one or two rides totalling about 2 hours at endurance/tempo power level

Just two runs instead of three to reduce the likelihood of injury. The first is the longer paced run, most likely with Grant, either on or off road. The pace is tempo for the shorter durations and just a bit slower than HM pace for the longer runs. This will need to slow as the duration extends in the base period.
The second is the interval run, usually within a 10k to give a warm up and warm down and to fit 4 miles of intervals, where the fast/slow paces are 6:00 and 7:45 respectively.
I am holding back on the brick runs for now as there is no real benefit.

Strength and conditioning
I can do an hour on both of my day duties and half an hour in the mornings following both night duties,

The 4 sessions (3 hours total) concentrate on the core muscles and involve lots of balance and stretching, I've also introduced a small amount of ski-fit training in readiness for Februarys skiing.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Interval run - Chevening Road

Home loop to Chevening road
1.2 mile warm up @ 7:00 
4 x 1/2 mile 6:00 1/2 mile 7:45 intervals
1.2 mile steady run home @ 7:00

Total distance 6.4 miles
10k split 42:38
Ave pace 6:52/mi

Bit of a runny nose today and really pushed calves.

Here's the Garmin file: