Thursday, 22 September 2016

Bag pick up, recce and a load more food

The Holliday inn is in the Bricktown district. So called as most of the cafe's and restaurants are in brick built warehouses abandoned since industrial decline in the 1960's but recently renovated.

Home for the next 3 days

There is now a man made modern twisting canal which twists through the district which is fed from a huge rowing lake and kayaking rapids centre. This is where the expo and race HQ is located.

I woke ridiculously early this morning with an eagerness to explore. Had 1st Bagel in a year but balanced the guilt with eggs n bacon - naturally!

Little stretch in the gym then walked the canal path over to the expo/registration site. 

Met with fellow M45 athlete Lloyd & his long suffering supporter (wife Jane). Turns out he has too much in common with me  - very spooky. He also qualified via IM Frankfurt 2015 is the same age and uses a similar spec of Tri equipment.

After registering, I spoilt Lloyd & Janes romantic canal walk back to the hotel by tagging along but made amends by shouting them a coffee at a great cafe opposite the hotel, where we met the Team GB event manager.

I hopped on the bike and executed a solid TT test ride on the roads leading from downtown Okie. Just like Frankfurt last year,i somehow managed to end up on a motorway (sorry, freeway), bit dangerous especially avoiding the shredded truck tyres on the hard shoulder. Good speed/power - the carbs are kicking in. I just felt I had an extra gear! Got back in one piece and ran a 5K brick in the heat of the day. Legs are all good.

Quick cold shower and chicken, almond & pesto salad at my new favourite coffee shop before heading over to race HQ where I met with 30ish other GBR AG's for the opening ceremony and parade of nations. GB were the 3rd largest contingent, behind USA (10 times as many yanks) and China. Had a chat with Ben Hobbs of TRS Radio (I rocked the cock Grant) and had the obligatory GBR team photos taken.

Rocking the cock

Just in case 

Another coffee on way back then out for pizza. I asked the girls on the Holliday Inn front desk for their recommendation and 'Knucks Wheelhouse' didn't disappoint. I had pork rinds for starter, then a Mediterranean pizza - only a medium and it nearly beat me.  (Won't be needing pudding, or breakfast for that matter).  

Great pizzas

Back to the hotel for a bit of blogging, social media reconciliation and bed.

Just in case you were tempted.