Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Blog time again...

After an amazing weekend supporting Grants 1st Ironman in Wales, I feel like I need to put my feet up, not get them running - being Grant's 'wingman' involved a lot of getting about the course (25 miles in fact), very little food and very little sleep! It was an awesome experience though and a real landmark in Grant's Triathlon journey!

Ironman Grant

I'm ashamed to say that I've struggled with motivation for my A race this year and the build/peak training sessions that I usually thrive on, have tested me mentally if not physically - but they are in the bag now and I'm in great physical shape for the ITU Long Distance Championship in Oklahoma (Saturday).

Similar to Kona last year, you have to qualify for this race and get to represent your country in the process (and pay a hefty £160 for the race suit). The distances are a little different to the 'Ironman' - 4K swim, 120K bike and 30K run. It should take me 7-7.5 hours, compared to the 9.5-10 for Ironman.

The race uses the 'Redman Triathlon' course and looks extremely ordinary, at least from the little I can research online. Lake swim (potential for non-wetsuit), very straight, rolling bike ride and then 3x10k laps along the lake. One interesting aspect may be the weather. 35°C and windy. This should suit me with my previous Frankfurt/Hawaii history.

Here is a short video of the event.....


See what I mean - not exactly Kona but hey.

So what's changed since Kona last October?


I've completely changed my approach to to eating both in everyday and training. Switching to healthy whole foods and drastically reducing the carbs has increased my endurance, smoothed my energy levels and reduced my weight a few Kg's - all of this should improve long distance race performance, the theory being, fat adaption will reduce my reliance on carbs for fuel, instead utilising my body's natural fat resources - this should ensure I can prevent late race bonking by not being reliant on carbs that the body struggles to metabolise. 


February's knee Op seems an age away now. I've raced the half iron distance well since the Op and other than 4 weeks of missed base training, I've got to be happy with my condition today. I'd have liked to have increased my fitness from this time last year but would estimate that I'm pretty much at the same level.


New wetsuit and few bike tweaks but no major changes.

Race ready

So prepared to be hit with Daily blog updates...... I fly to Oklahoma via Dallas tomorrow - here we go again, yee ha!


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