Thursday, 22 September 2016

Planes trains and lost bike (nearly)

Never been a big fan of airports, especially connecting flights. Thankfully there was a sizeable gap between flights with time to kill in Dallas Fortworth Airport.

All went pretty standard, crap flight food, no sleep, couple of movies and touched down in Dallas. "Sorry sir, we don't have your bike box, please fill in a loss report". A stressful hour passed and I was located at the other end of the airport on another planes arrival carrousel.

Crises, diverted, I had time to relax with chips, dips & shredded Beef Tamales - queue the first food pics of the trip.  

Here come the carbs

Tamales - a new favourite

Slept the 1 hour something flight to Oklahoma, grabbed my luggage (thankfully), and got the transfer to the newly built Holliday Inn Express in Bricktown Oklahoma. Clean, spacious next to the gym/pool and can have bike in room.

Now r e l a x.

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  1. Good to see your not slacking on the food intake. Dad..