Monday, 26 September 2016

Race day overview

After crossing the line I was tipped off that I had placed well but really had no idea although the finish & transition areas were very quiet. The online tracker was unreliable but the event timing print out stated bronze and 39th overall.

I grabbed my bike & T1-2 bags then accompanied Lloyd & Jane on the 1st bus back to the hotel. 

Had some great face timing with folks back home (I was flying high from all the sugar). Then showered & straight out in the search of quality re-fuelling Okie style.

I played gooseberry to Lloyd & Jane one more time as we visited the Brickhouse Brewery. Loaded Nachossurus for starters and 'Big Mikes Meatloaf' for main. (I suspected Big Mike rode around on a chopper and dinned exclusively on the stuff). I had an apple crumble sizzler with ice cream all washed down by a blueberry ale! 

Closest thing to Apple Pie I could find

Back to the hotel via another coffee (of course) at the 'All About' coffee shop, had a bit of a race debrief with Barron (BTF team manager), then hit the sack, room lights out at about 10:00, my lights out a minute later!

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